8 Feb 2008

gig paradise

Radiohead June 2008

Public Enemy May 2008

My favourite two bands of all time
within a month of each other.
It doesn't get much better than that.


Rol Hirst said...

Are PE still on the go? Or is this some big comeback thing?

danny black said...

They're always lurking in the background. They've released two albums recently - nothing mindblowing I'm afraid. I wouldn't make the trip into London for a standard gig but the fact they're playing "It Takes A Nation..." from start to finish is too good to miss. It'd be topped only by Radiohead doing "The Bends" or watching Robbie Williams ripped apart by wild animals in slow motion... on stage.

These two concerts will also be (probably) my last two concerts before the baby arrives :o

danny black said...

Public Enemy last single...


Rol Hirst said...

That's my favourite PE title, although I always paraphrase it as 'It Takes A Nation Of Idiots To Hold Us Back'. I think about that a lot when I'm driving. ;-)

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