3 Jan 2014

Moderat - Bad Kingdom 2014.1

For all my cynicism of the internet and the big sites I have to admit that YouTube has it's uses. I normally go on there for one thing and an hour later I've discovered something decent. This is what led to to Moderat's Bad Kingdom. 

I was originally watching some Radiohead and Thom Yorke videos when Modeselecktor's "This" feat. Thom Yorke was recommended. I had a listen (about five times in a row as it immediately hooked me) and that led me to Modeselecktor's Pretentious Friends which in turn led me to eBay to purchase the album. I've not had enough time to look into the vast spectrum of Modeselecktor material before YouTube struck again and took me to Moderat's Bad Kingdom (above) which is a side project of the group. 

And the bigger question - why am I blogging again? Because I would like a record of the music I discover and I want to share that with the government agencies that follow the internet and log everything.... and Facebook has lost its spark for me so I need a new corner of the net to ramble and rant.