13 Mar 2015


I've got no problem with charity. I'm currently sponsoring two people and have asked for sponsorship last year myself. What I have is the current level of pressure. Sure, times are tough but I would like to walk from one end of the high street to the other without being set on by two or three "chuggers" with their fake smiles and sunny dispositions. Then I would like to be left at home without people banging on my door with that same smile and sales pitch asking for 'just my bank details'. 

Perhaps the worst thing is that constant nagging feeling of guilt because you're not laying in a bath of beans/growing a beard/jumping out of a plane/not drinking booze to raise money. Scroobius Pip touches on this in his latest podcast and the timing was uncanny after the week I've had. Perhaps he's right and charity like politics should go back to being a private thing that we just don't discuss.

And yes - I realise how ill timed this is on Red Nose Day.
And yes - I did buy a stupid rubber nose and donate.